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There Are No Do-Overs is a game-changing management book that offers readers insight on how to create a winning team at the office by reviewing lessons from the basketball court. Think of it as a full-court press that shows business leaders how to bring their A game—from tip-off to working overtime—and what it takes to win.

Combining lessons from the boardroom with directives on how to make big wins in the NBA, There Are No Do-Overs shows readers the devil is in the details. In other words: success is the sum of paying attention to detail when it comes to business, sports, and life.

“There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors for Sustaining a Business Long Term” displays the importance of success in the business world, combining business and basketball to createBarnes and Noble a slam dunk read. Raffio, McLaughlin and Cowens prove that you can shine on and off the court!” –Jack Heath, host of New Hampshire Today and author of Salem VI: Rebecca’s Rising

“You can achieve success to the best of your ability, whether in business, basketball or one’s personal life, by using the coaching techniques outlined in “There Are No Do-Overs!” Having served on the NEDD board for ten years, I know that focusing on core values, detail and hard work produce highly positive results!” – Jane Seaver Kirk

“There Are No Do-Overs—a true to life leadership adventure. Clear, concise, succinct and informative—a blueprint and a comprehensive road Indieboundmap for all who are committed to excellence in their personal and professional lives. GO BIG RED!” – Sylvio L. Dupuis, O.D.

“The blend of Tom Raffio and Dave Cowens made [this book] both informative and interesting. I would get to the end of a chapter, ready to put the book down, and decided to just see the quote and what Dave had to say at the beginning of the next chapter…I was hooked. This book is a must when orienting new board members. Congratulations on a job well done.” – Dr. Phyllis Wagstaff

“In There Are No Do-Overs, NE Delta Dental CEO, Tom Raffio, Barbara McLaughlin and former Celtics great Dave Cowens describe some of the principles and practices necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Using professional basketball to illustrate, then showing the applicability in day-to-day business, it’s difficult to argue against the logic of these time-tested principles.” – Ron Bourque, Bourque International Associates

“The book is great! It should be required reading in MBA seminars, as I have not yet read a better synopsis of how to create a successful team culture, in an environment to drive an organization to success.” – Dave Anderson, Vermont Business Consultant

“The read was like a walk down memory lane. I am not sure many CEOs could pull off what Tom has accomplished in the past 18 years. The dental profession (and consumers) should be grateful for his leadership.” – Dr. Bob Perrin

“WAY TO GO!!! What a great accomplishment and a wonderful read.” – Howard Kassler

“I realize nothing happens overnight but I will be using your book as a guide over the next few years to institute many of the principles that I feel we are weak or lacking in. It was a joy to read and was laid out perfectly.” – Steve Coppola

“I already see that your book is a true winning guide and that truly successfully people share so much in common no matter what industry, sport, or life skill. I am taking notes since there is too much good information that I want to revisit after this first initial read.” - Jon Parker

“Tom has a terrific way of explaining things in a short but succinct way; writing a book is a natural calling for him.” – Shelly Breer, Great Eastern Radio

“A great read…really well crafted and creative.” – Perry Seagroves, NHTI Professor and X Country Coach

“I plan to have each of my employees read this book – it is a wonderful reinforcement of what is important for a business. Thank you for writing this inspirational book that validates the values we share. Thanks for the motivation!” – Donna M. Talbot, Director, Client Services and Client Integration Solutions

“If only we had a few more people with the same dedication. This book will be on my “must read” list for my students and seminar participants.” – Annabel Beerel, Ph.D., President & CEO N.E. Women’s Leadership Institute

“I have to honestly tell you how much I enjoyed and also how much I learned from No Do-Overs. I put it up there with my other favorites of Covey’s Seven Habits, Who Moved My Cheese and What They Didn’t Teach You In the Harvard Business School (yes, classics).” - Dr. Stephen Ura

“I’ve referred this book to a number of my friends who are in leadership roles as I truly feel this book will enlighten and inspire them…it’s a true winner!” – Cheryl A. Abbott, Executive Director NH Fisher Cats Foundation

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